Melt pressure transducers and transmitters

P500 series transducers

     The P500 series of pressure transducers have been developed to measure the pressure of the plastic melt at high temperatures. The measuring principle is strain gage Wheatstone bridge configuration. The pressure is converted into a proportional electrical signal connected to the Senso measuring instruments which can be used both to control or activate security alarms.

     The mechanical construction is an stainless steel membrane at the end in contact with the molten plastic. The pressure on the membrane is transmitted by a capillary with the liquid metal to the cylinder where the strain gage is deformed in proportion to the pressure exerted on the lower membrane

     The output signal can be mV/V or amplified type 4..20 mA or 0..10 Vdc. Applications range from monitoring an extruder screw, the filter status to the power control of a gear pump.


  • P500

    Transductores de presión para extrusión de plásticos