The AK54 model is a dual zone equipment for temperature control applications  with  a  well  proven preheating  algorithm  and  a 3500W power capacity.

The AK54 is a dual zone temperature controller with a very well proven preheating algo-rithm  specifically  designed  by  SENSO  for  the temperature  control  of  hot  runner  systems.  It also has the autotunning feature to calculate the best suitables PID parameters for each application. 
  The input can be chosen between different thermocouple types and also RTD. It has a large and clear display and 5 function keys per zone for its easy configuration.  
  The electric actuator is a well cooled solid state relay with a PWM output specifically designed  by  SENSO  for  the  temperature  control  of hot runner systems and to assure a proper and efficient dehumidifying process.  
  Electrical input is through a 3 meter cable and the output is via a multipole connector with both sensor and power I/O.
   NO  SPARE  FUSES  NEEDED.  The  front  switch breakers  eliminates  the  need  of  spare  fuses which simplifies the system maintenance.



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